E2M – The Innovative Energy Manager

We are a service provider and consulting company in the new Wholesale Electricity Market.

We represent the interests of our clients to help them obtain greater benefits, both for Consumers and Power Plants.

CEO E2M Qualified Supplier - Jose Antonio Perez Blanc
CEO E2M Generator - Jose Luis Perez Arenas
Chairman of the Board, Energy to Market - Heiner Röger

We operate our Qualified Supplier under the CRE permit E/1795/SC/2016 and through the contract signed with CENACE SSC004-NOV-2016.

E2M Qualified Supply optimizes and administrates energy consumption portfolios offering an individualized supply that covers all of the Clients electrical, capacity and Clean Energy Certificates needs.

E2M Generator is a Market Participant that represents Power Plants through a contract with CENACE, GEN-028-JUL-2017.

E2M Generator represents and supports power plants in the Mexican wholesale electricity market through the administration and optimization of mixed client and spot market portfolios as to achieve the ideal market strategy for each technology.

E2M Generator supports projects of new power plants to achieve financial closure. E2M was the first and for now only company that has managed to obtain a rating with market risk, merchant. Based on a detailed study of future income of E2M HR Ratings issued an AA + rating to a project with 100% merchant risk

Why choose E2M

Pioneer in the growing Mexican Electricity Market

E2M's unique sales position due to its ability to react quickly and flexibly to new market challenges.

In-depth knowledge of the E2M team regarding the legal and technical framework of the MEM.