A Qualified User has the option to participate in the Wholesale Electricity Market through E2M Qualified Supply. E2M offers the complete service, from the registration process, support during the load center adaptation to the market regulations all the way to the management of their assets in the new market. We have developed a wide range of supply products as to adapt to each of our clients specific needs.


E2M supports you through the process of getting your load centers market ready.

E2M manages the regulatory registration processes.

E2M analyzes your loadcenters energy consumption to reach optimal potential (Guaranteed Demand Control).

E2M implements bilateral agreements and mediates PPAs between Power Plans and Qualified Users.

E2M imports energy from neighboring countries, thus expanding its electricity portfolio.


E2M offers access to trade services and market coverage.

E2M offers tools for the management of the clients portfolio, information and tools for risk control.


Flexible electricity volumes to meet the demand of your load centers.

Various pricing schemes to ensure risk control.

The products range from fixed prices that secure the budget to indexed prices according to the wholesale market forecasts.


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