Electricity Market

E2M is a market participant in the new Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market based in Mexico City dedicated to the supply of Electricity, Capacity and Clean Energy Certificates, as well as the representation of Power Plants. We are a service provider and consulting company in the new Wholesale Electricity Market. We represent the interests of our clients to help them obtain greater benefits, both for consumers and Power Plants.

E2M Qualified Supply represents Qualified End Users through their CRE permit and CENACE Contract, whilst E2M Generador represents Power Plants as their Market Participant thanks to its specific CENACE Contract

Based on their Clients specific needs and market risk knowledge, E2M designs supply and service products that meet their client’s specific needs.

E2M is active in all market segments as to be able to give an all rounded support to their clients: Market futures, SPOT Market, Auctions, Auxiliary Capacity and Electricity Markets.



Electricity Market